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Fiber Disc 5″ (0.6MM)


Grit Diameter Thickness
#24 125MM 0.6MM
#36 125MM 0.6MM
#50 125MM 0.6MM
#60 125MM 0.6MM
#80 125MM 0.6MM
#100 125MM 0.6MM
#120 125MM 0.6MM

About this item

  • Durable and cost-effective
  • High-speed with precise results
  • Predominantly for machine metal
  • Manufactured using high material quality
  • Flesh removal from welds and metal fabrication
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Xtra Power Fiber Disc 5” (0.6MM)

Why should you choose the Xtra Power Fiber Disc?
Xtra Power Fiber Disc 5” (0.6 MM) has an incredibly high speed that brilliantly delivers refined results. Along with its precise cutting and grinding, this Fiber Disc is highly reliable and contains a long disc life. This Fiber Disc 5” requires minimal dressing. It is used for the cutting and grinding of various kinds of steel and other hard-to-grind surfaces. It is fitted to an appropriate backing pad and used on angle grinders. Besides its dynamic grind and enduring power, the Xtra Power Fiber Disc 5” is cost-effective. This high-performance disc is available in varied diameters, grits and sizes.


Xtra Power


Fibre Disc 5"


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