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Xtra Power Diamond Stone


Product Size Grit
6″(152MM) 152x50MM #320

About this item

Excellent for sharpening plane irons and chisels
Made with quality materials
Ideal for garden shears and lawn moving-blades sharpening
Durable and easy operation
No oil lubrication is needed only requires water

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Xtra Power Diamond Stone

Are you searching for the best performing Diamond Stone?
Xtra-power Diamond Stone is a lightweight sharpening solution designed with quality materials. The interrupted surface speeds sharpening 320 Grit improve the sharpening process by collecting and holding the metal fillings removed from the object. This feature keeps the sharpening surface clean, supporting effective work results in each-time use. Xtra power Diamond Stone is an ideal choice to sharpen garden shears and lawn-moving blades sharpening. The 152x50MM Diamond Stone is known for durability and easy operation, perfectly fit for very fast and comfortable sharpening. Xtra-power Diamond Stone is different from the traditional oil stones that are hard for the cutting process. The Diamond Stone from Xtra-power requires no oil to smoothen the surface and is excellent for fast cutting producing a fine edge on tools and knives.


Xtra Power


Diamond Stone


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