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DC Wheel Infinity


Product Diameter Thickness Arbor Hole
4″ X4MM 100MM 4MM 16MM
4″ X6MM 100MM 6MM 16MM
5″ X6MM 125MM 6MM 22.2MM
7″ X6MM 180MM 6MM 22.2MM

About this item

  • Demands minimal dressing
  • Allows well-defined grinding
  • Used for chamfering and beveling
  • Made with excellent material quality
  • Prolonged wheel life with high durability
  • Perfect for grinding stainless steel, hardness steel, and cast iron
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Xtra Power DC Wheel Infinity Series 4″, 5″ & 7″

Seeking a high-quality DC Wheel?
Xtra Power DC Wheel Infinity is composed by applying advanced techniques to achieve the finest workpieces. Its powerful grind provides the DC wheel to perform clean grinding along with a maximum stock removal rate. Besides high durability, the Xtra Power Depressed Centre (DC) Wheel Infinity has extended wheel life and demands minimal dressing. It is designed with the most excellent quality for professional practice to deliver the best end products. The Xtra Power DC Wheel Infinity is most suited for grinding, chamfering, and beveling. It is available in numerous grit sizes and dimensions. Furthermore, the DC Wheel Infinity is efficient and the best abrasive for well-defined results.


Xtra Power


DC Wheel Infinity Series


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