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DC Wheel NX Series


Product Diameter Thickness Arbor Hole
4″ X4MM 100MM 4MM 16MM
4″ X6MM 100MM 6MM 16MM
5″ X6MM 125MM 6MM 22.2MM
7″ X6MM 180MM 6MM 22.2MM

About this item

  • Precise grinding
  • For clean chamfering and beveling
  • Built with superior quality material
  • Excellent strength with a long lifespan
  • For smooth and Well-defined finishing
  • Engineered for grinding high tensile strength materials
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Xtra Power DC Wheel NX Series 4″, 5″ & 7″

Why choose the Xtra Power DC Wheel NX Series?
Xtra Power DC Wheel NX Series is built to perform right-angle grinding applications on metals with high tensile strength. Its dynamic grind allows the DC wheel to serve distinct grinding with a maximum metal removal rate. Along with its aggressive grinding power, the DC Wheel NX Series is cost-effective and long-lasting. This DC Wheel is primarily manufactured for professional and industrial usage. The Xtra Power Depressed Centre (DC) Wheel NX Series is made with the finest quality to perform smooth and accurate grinding, chamfering, and beveling. Aside from minimal dressing requirements, the DC Wheel NX Series comes in various grit sizes and dimensions.


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DC Wheel NX Series


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