Cut Off Wheel GX Series

Product Diameter Thickness Arbor Hole
4″ GX 107MM 1.2MM 16MM
5″ GX 125MM 1.5MM 22.2MM
7″ GX 180MM 1.6MM 22.2MM
7″GX 180MM 3MM 22.2MM
9″ GX 230MM 3MM 22.2MM
12″ GX 300MM 2.2MM 25.4MM
14″ GX 355MM 2.8MM 25.4MM
16″ GX 405MM 3.2MM 25.4MM

About this item

  • High cutting performance and long tool life.
  • Highly recommended for metal and non-metal blanking processes.
  • Assured minimum Heat Build-up during application.
  • Sharp-edged with high Durability.
  • Highly suitable for High Powered Air, Electric Angle Grinders and Cut Off Machines.
  • Works on par with high-performing cutting wheels.
  • 100% Safe to use.
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Cut Off Wheel Xtra Power GX Series

Looking for your next Cutting-edge product?
Well, look no further with the revolutionary advanced technology Cut-off Wheel GX Series which makes a great addition to your party of tools with its highly aggressive grind and maximum metal removal rate that cuts through stainless steel, hardness steel, or cast-iron metal like butter. The product works perfectly well for metals/non-metals blanking processes along with High-powered air, Electric angle grinders, and Cut-off machines. It has been made to provide a clean cutting performance that lasts longer than your usual cutting tools and is available in various sizes depending on your requirements.


Xtra Power

Cut Off Wheel



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