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Cut Off Wheel EY Series


Product Diameter Thickness Arbor Hole
4″ EY 107MM 1.5MM 16MM
5″ EY 125MM 1.2MM 22.2MM
14″ EY 355MM 2.5MM 25.4MM

About this item

  • Completely risk-free to use.
  • Sharp-edged and long-lasting tool
  • Exceptional cutting performance and tool life.
  • Heat growth is kept to a bare minimum during application.
  • It is highly recommended For metal and non-metal blanking procedures
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Xtra Power Cut Off Wheel EY Series

Searching for a suitable cutting wheel?
Xtra Power CUT-OFF WHEEL EY SERIES are made specifically for electric angle grinders and cut-off machines. With the cut-off wheel EY Series, you will benefit from an excellent cutting performance and long tool life. It is achieved by the long-lasting, excellent cutting properties and reduced heat build-up during cutting. It means that you will be able to cut tough metal and improve the sharpness of your blade. Another advantage is that reduced heat build-up means the cutting process is not interrupted due to overheating. With a 45° angle, these cogs reach over hard to get into tight areas. Although they have fixed cutting surfaces and have a high speed and long life. They also have a smooth operation and are capable of pulling the workpiece in one direction only to reduce heat during cutting. There are two different colors available.


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Cut Off Wheel



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