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Cut Off Wheel CG Series


Product Diameter Thickness Arbor Hole
4″ CG 107MM 1.5MM 16MM

About this item

  • High Safety Standards.
  • Smooth and Fast Cutting.
  • Preferably Used For High Powered Air and Electric Angle Grinders.
  • High cutting performance and long tool life.
  • Reduced heat build-up during cutting.
  • Widely used in metal and non-metal blanking processes.
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Xtra Power Cut Off Wheel CG Series

Want to get your cut-off work done?
The Cut off wheel CG Series is a round, thick piece of metal with a rough, toothed edge. It is used to cut metal and other hard materials by pressing them against the material and spinning it. The Cut off wheel can be used for various tasks such as cutting sheet metal, cutting threaded rods, and cutting tubing. The toothed edge makes it easy to grip and control. These wheels can cut through a wide range of materials. They are most commonly used in construction and metalwork. The cutting wheel is a flat, circular piece of metal with a hole in the centre. The wheel is placed on the shaft of the drill and used to cut materials by drilling the cutting wheel through the material. The flat, circular shape of the cutting wheel allows it to be rotated around the drill shaft and make clean cuts.


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Cut Off Wheel



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