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Twisted Wheel Brush


Product Diameter Bore
115MM 115MM 32MM

Aggressively working brush
High-performing angle grinders for best results
Enhanced functional life
Crafted with latest machinery technology
Outstanding for heavy-duty brushing on large surfaces
Perfect fit for deburring, cleaning and rust removal

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Xtra Power Twisted Wheel Brush

Want a safety ensuring Twisted Wheel Brush?
The Twisted Wheel Brush from Xtra-power is perfectly knotted and balanced for vibration-free usage to ensure user safety. It is the best choice to remove scale, rust, paint from metal surfaces for a clean surface appearance. Crafted with the latest machinery technology, the product has a respectable space in the modern gadgets array as it follows all quality measurements. Each tuft of the brush is carefully positioned to affirm a smooth cleaning job. The abrasive brush does the role well. The supporting ring and the tightly knotted wires maximize the brush life. The product is a smart choice for deburring, cleaning, and rust removal. The Twisted Wheel Brush is all made up for modern cleaning requirements.


Xtra Power


Twisted Wheel Brush


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