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Twisted Bevel Brush


Product Diameter Thread
125MM 125MM M14

Excellent for heavy-duty brushing on large surfaces
Best for deburring, cleaning and rust removal
High performing angle grinders for impressive results
Designed with latest machinery technology
Aggressively working brush

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Xtra Power Twisted Bevel Brush

Want to be modern in cleaning with Twisted Bevel Brush?
The Twisted Bevel Brush is an ideal choice for your cleaning requirements. The product is crafted with premium quality materials and high-tensile wire for demanding industrial use ensuring superior brush life. The high-performing angle grinders and aggressively working brush delivers the desired results in all stages of cleaning procedures. The Twisted Bevel Brush can be excellent for corners, channels and flat surfaces. The twist-knot wire utilizes the production quality for aggressive removal of rust, scale, paint, etc. Nothing more matters than being updated with the latest changes in the technical world. The Twisted Bevel Brush follows the latest machinery technology for an enhanced experience for the users.


Xtra Power


Twisted Bevel Brush


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