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Crimped Bevel Brush


Product Diameter Thread
125MM 125MM M14
  • Suitable for scale and rust removal
  • Crimped wire enables flexibility in working
  • Cleaning of weld seams
  • Suitable for angle grinding.
  • Crimped wire enables more flexible working and product smooth surfaces.
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Xtra Power Crimped Bevel Brush

Want to remove rust and paint without chemicals?
Crimped Bevel Brushes are an excellent choice for removing paint and rust from the surface without using any chemicals. The proper application delivers an effective result, and it is perfect for scale and rust removal, light deburring, angle grinding, and cleaning of weld seams. The knotted wire of high quality ensures good performance, and it is more aggressive. In addition, speed can be adjusted by attaching it to the grinding machine. The Crimped Bevel Brush makes less noise compared with other same groups available in the market. The corner cleaning becomes an easy task with this exclusive collection of cleaning equipment.


Xtra Power


Crimped Bevel Brush


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