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Chain Saw Grinding Wheel


Product Bore Thickness
100MM 10MM 3MM

Designed with superior material
Constructed with latest machinery technology
Suitable for sharpening Chain Saw
Efficient performance
Deliver the best usage

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Chain Saw Grinding Wheel Hi-Max

Want to choose a high-performing Chain Saw Grinding Wheel?
Xtra-power Chain Saw Grinding Wheel is designed with superior material that supports engineers to meet the requirements with safety and easiness. The product offers a safe environment by incorporating the latest machinery technologies for incomparable performance. The bonding materials give strength and rigidity to the wheels to improve the operations under any circumstances. The Xtra-power Chain Saw Grinding Wheel is best suited for close-tolerance works and is long-lasting providing a productive experience for the users. The product comes up with 3MM thickness and 10MM bore. Xtra-power user-friendly product is economically affordable and meets all grinding parameters. Xtra-power Chain Saw Grinding Wheel assures a top-rated experience for your grinding demands with quality performance.




Hi-Max Chain Saw Grinding Wheel


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