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Pad With Velcro


Product Diameter Grit
5″XM10 (Solid Type) 125MM M10
5″XM10 125MM M10
5″ XM14 125MM M14
6″ XM14 150MM M14

Excellent performance
Suitable for sanding Velcro
High-quality polishing and sanding
• Plastic Foam Backing Pad with Velcro
Made with superior quality material

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Xtra Power Pad with Velcro

Looking for fine and better performing Backing Pads?
Xtra-power Backing Pad stands out in the global market for its efficient performance and material quality in the crafting technique. They come in an extensive array of types and sizes to improve the conditioning and sanding performance of the power tools. Xtra-power exhibits the best collection of backing pads designed with superior quality materials for the engineer’s requirements. The plastic foam backing pad with Velcro serves the polishing applications in any mode and the physical characteristics meet all the quality criteria in the market. Xtra-power Backing Pad is widely used to match the sanding Velcro. The product follows different sizes based on the tasks to be done. The better performing Xtra-power Backing Pad becomes an excellent choice for sanding and polishing requirements.


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Pad With Velcro


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