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XPT 451 Sander
XPT 458 Belt Sander
IC-030 Orbital Sander
BrandModel No.ColourPower Source TypeNo Load SpeedSanding Surface SizePower
Xtra-PowerXPT-451Red & BlackDouble Insulation Electric Corded12000 RPM110 X 100MM160 Watts
Xtra-PowerXPT-458Red & BlackDouble Insulation Electric Corded500 RPM100 X 610MM1200 Watts
Hi-MaxIC-030Yellow & BlackElectric Corded10000 RPM93 X 185MM350 Watts



Xtra-power manufactures the best quality Belt Sander in red and black colours with a sturdy versatile design following international standards. It is double insulation electric-corded with a switch lock button feature to ensure the safety of the users. The package contains 1 unit belt sander, 1 pair of carbon brushes, 1 unit dust bag and a user manual. The Belt Sander helps you get the perfect finish when you are working on wood and metals. By applying minimal pressure on the surface, the Belt Sander smoothens, flattens and levels up the surfaces with less effort. It is equipped with a round interface for dust collection, which enhances the product’s usability. The powerful motor relentlessly works for a longer time and doesn’t cause any intervals. It is a most aggressive type of sanding tool suitable for processing large and rough surfaces, adding curves and smoothing edges. It can strip off coating materials such as paint from the work surface. The Belt Sander is known for its durability and reliability compared to its counterparts. It assures a long service life by being the most adaptable tool for heavy-duty requirements. The broad range of use makes this product a favourite of professionals and DIY masters alike.

You can adjust the belt according to your sanding requirements. It can be used to polish metal like brass and aluminum. Although it doesn’t provide the finishing touch of sanding paper, you can opt for a first-time solution. The multi- functional Belt Sander becomes a wise choice for your power tool collections as it is embedded with all modern characteristics. You can renovate the old furniture by removing the stains and marks using the fully-fledged Belt Sander. They provide fast action to every project. The jacketed metal gear contributes to longevity and sustained tool life. The Belt Sander produces a load-free pace for quick operations in any circumstances. It can easily be operated by professionals and beginners alike. While using the Belt Sander, you don’t need to invest a lot of pressure but just gently move over the wood to let the Belt Sander do the magic. It prepares the surfaces for fine sanding by removing main marks from the wood and metals. The portability of the Belt Sander is something you can completely trust. Choose the best quality Belt Sander that can be your perfect support for all the domestic and professional projects alike. The heavy-duty Belt Sander from the Xtra-power meets all your expectations and demands.

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