Sr. No. Size
1 51MM
2 63MM
3 76MM

About this item

  • Convenient and easy to handle design
  • Different sizes to suit your professional requirement
  • Quality that doesn’t demand excessive care and workforce
  • Ideal for creating holes needed for plumbing, electrical, ventilation, etc.
  • It can perform effortlessly on Concrete, Asphalt, Bricks, Thick Steel, and alike surfaces



Want a manual dry core drill for fulfilling plumbing, ventilation, and electrical kinds of industrial demands? Xtra Power Dry Core Drill (1?? UNC) comes in three different sizes for your constructional operations. These drills are highly adjustable, strong, and ideal for dry drilling. The drills can create holes to help plumbers, electricians, and masons effortlessly carry out their strenuous and delicate work. It comes with a shaft that helps in providing the required pressure and a long handle that determines the depth and diameters of the holes. Xtra Power Dry Core Drill comprises composite material that facilitates it to withstand concrete, asphalt, cement, steel, bricks, etc. The drill barrel is adjustable and guarantees ideal concentric motion without excess human resources. These Dry Core Drills are dedicated to creating passageways, wiring spaces, venting holes, plumbing purposes, and more such tasks. Xtra Power Dry Core Drills efficiently create angular, wall, or floor holes when used with its ideal machines.

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