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Miter Saw

XPT 477 Miter Saw
XPT 478 Sliding Miter Saw
XPT 479 Miter Saw
IC-094 Miter Saw 1
IC-095 Miter Saw 1
BrandModel No.Size of WheelColourPower Source TypeNo Load SpeedPower
Xtra-PowerXPT-477255MMRed & BlackDouble Insulation Electric Corded6000rpm1800 Watts
Xtra-PowerXPT-478255MMRed & BlackDouble Insulation Electric Corded6000rpm1800 Watts
Xtra-PowerXPT-479305MMRed & BlackDouble Insulation Electric Corded4200rpm1800 Watts
Hi-MaxIC-094255MMYellow & BlackElectric Corded6000rpm1800 Watts
Hi-MaxIC-095255MMYellow & BlackElectric Corded6000rpm1350 Watts


Miter Saw

Xtra-power manufactures the best quality Sliding Miter Saw designed with high-quality raw materials having a net weight of 20 kilograms. The product is double insulation electric corded, lightweight and portable according to your requirements. The Sliding Miter Saw Machine is available in two colors- red and black to give a classy-modern feel. The package contains Milter Saw, Carbon Brush, Wrench, Vertical Clamp, Dust bag, Triangular Ruler, Support Bar, Horizontal Clamp, and a user manual. The streamlined body ensures a long service life for the product. The Sliding Miter Saws Machine is equipped with a switch lock button facility to assure a safe and improved performance at any time. This versatile tool is a must-purchase for wood designers and DIY masters. The accuracy of the Sliding Miter Saws makes this product a favorite and top-rated in the global market. With the Sliding Miter Saws, you can quickly, accurately, and safely cut through dense and thick materials to create the shape you want for the project. The flexibility and reliability of the Sliding Miter Saws offer a complete performance that uniquely contributes to better results. The construction has followed all the industrial standards to meet the users’ expectations.

The Sliding Miter Saw machine is a perfect solution for all woodworking projects. It has different purposes, from rough framing to trimming complex woodworking; this power tool is an all-around one. The Sliding Miter Saws can be used by both professionals and beginners alike. The blade guard is an important part of the Miter Saws as it protects the user from accidentally touching the blade and getting injuries. The product is an expert in angle cuts and assures great efficiency throughout your cutting process. It is a powerful tool for heavy-duty operations with a pivoting arm and spinning blade that effortlessly cuts materials like wood, plywood, MDF, and plastic. The Sliding Miter Saw Machine can be professionally maintained to yield precise results. It has an adjustable base that the user can adjust to cut angles in either direction. As the name suggests, the Sliding Miter Saws are efficient for cutting miters and square butt joints, although they are suitable for simple framing and woodworking projects. The affordability of the product is a remarkable one. You can buy the premium quality Sliding Miter Saws in your pocket range. The metal gears in the Miter Saws support longer tool life and efficiency of the machine.

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