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Jig Saw

XPT 454 Jig Saw
Jig saw
IC-027 Jig Saw 1
Jig Saw xp-1141 1
BrandModel No.ColourPower Source TypeNo Load SpeedCutting DiameterPower
Xtra-PowerXPT-454Red & BlackDouble Insulation Electric Corded0-3000 RPM65MM710 Watts
Xtra-PowerXPT-464Red & BlackDouble Insulation Electric Corded   
XP Heavy DutyXP-1141Black & OrangeElectric Corded500-3100 RPM65MM550 Watts
Hi-MaxIC-027Yellow & BlackElectric Corded0-3000 RPM70MM710 Watts

Jig Saw

Xtra-power manufactures premium quality Jig Saw constructed with high-quality raw materials following international standards. It has a perfect grip that ensures the safety of the user. More than a cutting tool for the wood industry, the Jig Saw has an important role in DIY Masters tool collections. The product is known for its reliability while performing; thus, it can be used both by beginners and professionals alike. The main use of the Jig Saw is to make curved, intricate cuts in wood and other materials. But it is a fully equipped product to cut through any materials like plastic, sheet metal, and ceramic tile. The incomparable performance of the product makes it top voted in the global market. 

Jig Saws are portable so you can take them anywhere you need to continue working. The product assures a long-lasting service life as its construction quality is above the industrial norms. The versatile product is an essential choice for designers, woodworkers, and DIY masters as it has multiple uses suitable to their key areas. The Jig Saw is a straightforward tool in terms of use. It is comfortable to operate because it rests on the surface, and you don’t need to force it to hold it in place. The Jig Saw doesn’t need any extra storage space. 

The Jig Saw is a workshop material that runs all around the work. It cuts woods of various thicknesses and densities easily along with fiberglass and steel and for that, consider purchasing a suitable blade. With the Jig Saw, you can create curvy lines, bevel cuts, and intricate designs. This feature makes the product a power-handy tool for design-based projects. Considering the product, its thin blade can reach even into tight spaces and create the shapes the user wants. The Jig Saw isn’t a heavy product compared to other power tools, and it can easily guide through stenciled designs. The lightweight feature of the product directly influences the work efficiency as it makes the movement more comfortable and hassle-free. You can effortlessly make circles of almost any size with the Jig Saw either freehand or with the help of a circle cutting guide. The Jig Saw is capable of making straight cuts on any material. The premium Jig Saw from Xtra-power provides utmost customer satisfaction.

Jig Saw can be used to cut metals because they are more accurate than metal shears and less dangerous than using a cutting torch. Another use of the product is it can make curved cuts required when installing laminate flooring. Although this use isn’t popular, many professionals opt for this for easier and more flexible working. You must purchase a specialized blade to use your Jig Saw on the laminate’s face. The combination of a good blade and an industry-standard Jig Saw makes the design and cutting easier, more reliable, and flexible.

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