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Cut Off Machine

XPT 472 Cut Off Machine
XPT 475 Cut Off Machine
XPT 476 Cut Off Machine
IC-069 Cut Off Machine 1
IC-070 Cut Off Machine 1
BrandModel No.ColourPower Source TypeNo Load SpeedDiameter Of WheelPowerBore Size
Xtra-PowerXPT-472Red & BlackDouble Insulation Electric Corded3800 RPM355MM2200 Watts25.4mm
Xtra-PowerXPT-475Red & BlackDouble Insulation Electric Corded3900 RPM355MM2700 Watts25.4mm
Xtra-PowerXPT-476Red & BlackDouble Insulation Electric Corded3800 RPM355MM2380 Watts25.4mm
Hi-MaxIC-069Yellow & BlackElectric Corded3800 RPM355MM2200 Watts25.4mm
Hi-MaxIC-070Yellow & BlackElectric Corded3800 RPM355MM2200 Watts25.4mm


Cut Off Machines

Xtra-power provides high-quality Cut Off Machines with high-quality raw materials and an international design style. It has all the advanced technical features to improve performance for better results. They are uniquely made for cutting hard materials such as metal pipes, tubes, concrete, and masonry. The Cut-off Machines are portable and can be used by both beginners and professionals. The user-friendly product promises a satisfying performance. It has a firm grip to ensure the work is perfect. The Cut off Machines are equipped with a security lock to prevent accidents. The double insulation electric corded makes this product ideal for domestic and professional requirements. The powerful motor accelerates the work by performing relentlessly.

The Cut off Machines provide a load-free speed without any interruptions to give quality outputs in each use. The reliability and flexibility of the product vote this as number one in the global market. You can meet all your requisites with affordable and fully-fledged Cut-off Machines. The product applications are building, construction, emergency rescue, concrete, and paving. Besides all other facts, the metal gears in the Cut-off Machine provide a longer tool life. With a powerful Cut-off Machine from the Xtra-power, you will get precise and smooth finishing for the cutting work. The product is capable of handling any thicker and harder material like concrete, ceramics, stone, abrasive materials, or metal. It can also be used for general purposes. The ergonomic design with the metal base footplate ensures stability and comfort while working for long hours and heavy work.

Cutting with the Cut off Machine is much faster than any other type of cutting, and comparatively, this product makes less noise during the operation. It is possible to cut a large number of materials in the same length using these extremely adaptable Cut-off Machines. It has become the perfect choice for metal fabrication shops because of its time-oriented performance. The product can also be used to trim solid metal bars than any other type of saw that failed to cut or trim. The Cut-off Machines are suitable for heavy-duty operations that are either commercial or domestic. Choose the best machines that can effortlessly fulfill your requirements to save your time.

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