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Chain Saw

XPT 457 Electric Chain Saw
XPT 460 Electric Chainsaw
Chain Saw XPG-CS18 3
Chain Saw XPG-CS22 3
Chain Saw XPG-SUMO22 2
IC-013A Electric Chain Saw 2
IC-045A Chain Saw 3
IC-045A CHAIN SAW (18")
IC-056A Chain Saw 3
IC-056A CHAIN SAW (18")
HI max chain saw ic-057A
IC-057A CHAIN SAW (22")
IC-058A Chain Saw 2
IC-058A CHAIN SAW (18")
IC-059A Chain Saw 2
IC-059A CHAIN SAW (22")
IC-063A Chain Saw 2
IC-063A CHAIN SAW (22")
chain saw
XP-1191 CHAIN SAW (18")
heavy duty 1192 chain saw
XP-1192 CHAIN SAW (22")
heavy duty chain saw
XP-1193 CHAIN SAW (24")
BrandModel No.ColourPower Source TypeNo Load SpeedSkid lengthPowerTwo Stroke DisplacementPetrol Tank CapacityOil Tank Capacity
Xtra-PowerXPT-457Red & BlackDouble Insulation Electric Corded400 RPM405MM1300 Watts   
Xtra-PowerXPT-460Red & BlackDouble Insulation Electric Corded400 RPM550MM (22”)2200 Watts   
XP Heavy DutyXP-1191Black & OrangePetrol/ Mobil Oil7000 RPM450MM (18”)2.8KW65 CC0.55L0.26L
XP Heavy DutyXP-1192Black & OrangePetrol/ Mobil Oil7000 RPM550MM (18”)2.8KW65 CC0.55L0.26L
XP Heavy DutyXP-1193Black & OrangePetrol/ Mobil Oil7000 RPM610MM (18”)2.8KW65 CC0.55L0.26L
Xtra Power GoldXPG-CS18GoldPetrol/ Mobil Oil2800 RPM450MM (18”)2600 Watts58 CC0.55L0.26L
Xtra Power GoldXPG-CS22GoldPetrol/ Mobil Oil2800 RPM550MM (22”)2600 Watts58 CC0.55L0.26L
Xtra Power GoldXPG-SUMO22White & BluePetrol/ Mobil Oil8000 RPM550MM (22”)2.4 KW60 CC0.55L0.26L
Hi-MaxIC-013AYellow & BlackElectric corded400 RPM405MM1300 Watts   
Hi-MaxIC-045AYellow & BlackPetrol/ Mobil Oil 450MM1.7KW45CC0.55L0.26L
Hi-MaxIC-056AYellow & BlackPetrol/ Mobil Oil2800-10000 RPM450MM2.8KW58 CC0.55L0.26L
Hi-MaxIC-057AYellow & BlackPetrol/ Mobil Oil2800-10000 RPM550MM2.8KW58 CC0.55L0.26L
Hi-MaxIC-058AYellow & BlackPetrol/ Mobil Oil2800 RPM450MM (18”)2600 Watts58 CC0.55L0.26L
Hi-MaxIC-059AYellow & BlackPetrol/ Mobil Oil2800 RPM550MM (22′)2600 Watts58 CC0.55L0.26L
Hi-MaxIC-063AYellow & BlackPetrol/ Mobil Oil2800 RPM550MM (22”)2700 Watts62 CC670 ML350 ML

Chain saw

When you use the Xtra Power chainsaw, you can easily cut pieces of wood and other materials from a larger block with minimum effort. If you are familiar with the design and working of a chainsaw, you will know that the sharp blades of the machine are used to cut off pieces of wood from a log or pieces from blocks of other materials. But one more thing you need to consider is that since it is a powerful tool, you must be careful while handling it. A chainsaw’s blades move at high speed to give you uniform cuts. Moreover, the material being cut offers significant resistance, which means the horsepower of the chainsaw should be high enough to cut through large blocks with minimum effort.

Chainsaws can be of different types, and the most powerful ones are powered by petrol. A handheld chainsaw has a fuel tank where you can store the petrol or the fuel that powers the machine. When you switch on the machine, it will consume the fuel to ensure continuous movement of the blades. The common notion is that a chainsaw is heavy equipment, and you require a certain level of expertise to use it. But with the Xtra Power chainsaw, you will find it lightweight, making it easy for experts and novices to use. Holding the saw is not difficult as it is lightweight and easy to manage.

By adding features like a chain locking system, the safety and security of the user are also prioritized. Furthermore, the slim body and metal gears make it easy for you to handle the machine.

When you use a chainsaw, you will find that you need to hold the equipment steadily as there is often a kickback from the equipment. Our machines are designed to withstand the kickback. Moreover, it is pretty efficient as it will give you smooth cuts. For instance, you want to break a wooden log into smaller pieces, and you need them to be uniform in shape. The best way to do it is to use a chainsaw to cut equal-sized discs from the wood log. After that, you can use the same equipment to give the pieces suitable contours and shapes. As you can easily maneuver the machine giving consistent shape and design to pieces of wood becomes easy. The same applies to other materials.

You need to check out our collection of chainsaws if you want a chainsaw that can easily cut uniform shapes and size pieces. All of these are designed to be efficient, long-lasting, and affordable. When you invest in a chainsaw, you want a machine that can withstand a significant amount of resistant force and that you can use regularly. In addition, you do not want a device that requires regular servicing or you need to change parts of the machine. With the Xtra Power chainsaw, you can use it regularly, and the machine itself does not get damaged easily.

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