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XPT 440 Blower
XPT 441 Blower
IC-037 Blower 1
IC-084 Blower 1
BrandModel No.ColourPower Source TypeNo Load SpeedAir VolumeVariable Speed ButtonPower
Xtra-PowerXPT-440Red & BlackDouble Insulation Electric Corded0-13000 RPM2.3 M3/ MinYes500 Watts
Xtra-PowerXPT-441Red & BlackDouble Insulation Electric Corded0-16000 RPM4.5 M3 / MinYes850 Watts
Hi-MaxIC-037Yellow & BlackDouble Insulation Electric Corded16000 RPM2.8 M3/ MinNo600 Watts
Hi-MaxIC-084Yellow & BlackDouble Insulation Electric Corded0-13000 RPM2.5 M3 / MinYes550 Watts


A blower is used to blow a gust of clean and fresh air on an object in large-scale industrial projects. For example, if you want clean air swirling over freshly poured cement to help it dry quickly, you need a blower to achieve it. With Xtra Power blowers, you can be assured that you can remove contaminated air and send a gust of clean, fresh air on the wooden plank, metal object, or any such item you are working on. You must have seen workers using this equipment to remove wood shavings from a wooden plank. With the help of a blower, you can remove the shavings effectively and get a clean surface to continue your work.

The equipment is often used on construction sites to remove dust, fumes, and even small pieces of grit. The velocity of the air coming out of the blower is such that it can effectively remove small, lightweight items from the surface of an object. Usually, blowers are attached to an electrical cord to give it a continuous electricity supply. This is necessary for you to manage the speed of air. If you are trying to remove slightly heavy objects like grit or small pieces of stone, you will need to release the gust of air at a higher speed. But if you are removing lightweight items like wood shavings, you can adjust the speed of the air to a lower setting,

With the help of Xtra-Power blowers, you can adjust the settings and the speed at which the air swirls out of the device. Moreover, as the equipment we retail is lightweight, you will find that using it regularly is not a problem. The safety and security of the user are also prioritized. The blower’s double-insulated electrical wiring and lightweight structure make it easy to be used by both experts and novices to use. This equipment is used extensively in construction projects where you must keep the surface free of dust and grit. You will find that people working with wooden items often use it to keep the surface clean of any wood shavings.

It is ideal for removing dust from a corner that you think is inaccessible. Say, for instance, you are trying to get your working area free of dust and grit, but no amount of wiping down with a piece of cloth is helping you achieve your objective. Additionally, with a bit of cloth, you might not be able to reach the farthest corner of the work surface. So here you need to use this equipment. The high velocity of the air released from the tool will effectively remove even the slightest signs of dust and dirt, giving you a clean surface to work on.

When purchasing an Xtra-Power, you can be assured that the equipment will be lightweight and easy to use. We always prioritize user safety and ensure that it is long-lasting. The blower that you can use is a favorite amongst experts and novices.

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